Grade 2 students dancing, screaming, and singing along to an Infinite performance which I played before class.

Is it only Tuesday? ^^ 

Actually today wasn’t bad, even though I had to lead two classes with my totally useless coworker. The students weren’t too awful because we did some group work. In each group, 2 or 3 students didn’t even try, but at least the other 3 worked hard. And I successfully came up with a new lesson plan after my first class had already started because the computer wasn’t turning on and I couldn’t use the Powerpoint and game I had prepared. By the way, the computer wasn’t turning on because the power strip had been switched off. I didn’t even think to check it. It’s always on!

After school I waited for the bus that goes from my school to the nearest subway station. I was waiting with a group of local high school boys. God, I’m so glad I don’t have to teach boys. They are totally cute with their big-frame glasses and tight little school pants! Plus, they are INSANE. They were chasing and kicking and punching each other. They were all at least 16. Then they noticed I was a foreigner so they started talking about me in Korean and yelling “Hello nice to meet you how are you oh I’m fine thank you and you?” over and over again in my presence. I was so glad when they all got off a few stops later. 

I met my lovely friend at Bina, an Indian restaurant in front of the main gate of Korea University. This is a great area because it’s right in the middle of the bus route between our two areas. The prices are standard and the food is good. Plus, the Indian couple who own it are nice and speak English, and they have a cute little boy who comes back from school at 6 and eats a snack and watches TV at his own table in the restaurant. When he comes in, they change the TV from Bollywood videos to cartoons for him. Also, he speaks Korean. When he yelled “Dad, turn up the volume!” in Korean, I almost died from the cuteness. 

AND I went to the gym after that, which makes me feel very proud of myself.

Now I’m catching up with the most recent episodes of two of my favorite American TV shows and trying not to light my hair on fire from the aromatherapy candle on my desk. It’s so cozy in here! It was really cold here today. In the morning, the temperature was almost freezing. Luckily, my apartment has doors blocking my main room from my front door and my windows (one of my doors is a sliding glass door, so I can still see outside,) and it seals in the heat really well. 

I’m going to paint my nails and hope I don’t asphyxiate on the fumes!