One last picture from Muuido. This is a sign which says that some scenes from “Boys Over Flowers” were filmed at the beach here, and describes the nature of the scenes (I think! All I can read are the characters’ names and a few other words I know.)

I was curious so I researched which scenes were filmed here. Muuido makes an appearance in the episode in which Jan Di and Ji Hoo went to visit his grandfather who was fishing on the island. Someone also said that this is the beach where the characters meet again in the final episode. So, I don’t remember, but I think they may have filmed here more than once. There were also other signs for other Korean TV shows and movies all over the beach, but I wasn’t familiar with any of them. It must be a very popular filming location. Also, concerning time, it is probably the closest beach to Seoul, which must have made it easier to film there.

Here’s a picture of the cast and crew filming on Muuido. You can see Incheon in the distance. I think that’s the ferry terminal.