Rip Gabo.

So sad. Loved the books of his I have read. 




[여객선 침몰] “세월호 선체 내부 진입 성공”
[여객선 침몰 속보] “세월호 내부 진입 잠수요원 4명, 생존자 유무 확인중”
[여객선 침몰 속보] “선체 공기 주입중…배 뜨면 선체 내부 진입 예정”

God, I really REALLY hope they find hundreds of hungry and thirsty but otherwise ok people hanging out in air pockets. Please please please.

Me too.  I hope this whole situation can be wrapped up soon.  It’s all just so devastating.

No source or timestamp for the original post but I really hope that this is true. This story is brekaing my heart. Such a sad and avoidable tragedy.

I am I 目玉焼きニットプルオーバー

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Our Spring 2014 Windows

What a thrill it would be to soar across the sky, nothing but a basket beneath… >

Our Spring 2014 Windows

What a thrill it would be to soar across the sky, nothing but a basket beneath your feet, way above the marshmallow clouds, marveling at the beauty of…


Kawaii choco cat curse. So kawaii.





I have just had what is one of the most bizarre, hilarious, and insane hour-and-a-bit of my LIFE.


Ann and I went to see “Mister Show” as I had free tickets given to me by the woman who now runs the tanning salon I go to. There was a poster there for the salon, so I assume…

This experience changed me to my very core. By a. making my abs better due to non stop laughing and b. showing me things that cannot be unseen.


Best thing I’ve read in ages. Thank you for sharing such a glorious tale.

I’m so glad this popped up again on my feed. Because my very sophisticated former desk editor did go see. And told me that I needed to go see it with my friends.

But to be sure and drink a bit before we go so we can really get into it.

This is the singular most important post I have ever reblogged. 

OK, seriously, I got it working fine and saved the file at the first available opportunity and then tried to run the disc again without changing any settings and it won’t run! And nothing I change on the configuration settings makes any difference. I just get a black screen every time. Ugh, technology. I guess I’m going to download an ISO of the game? Apparently that is easier to run than an actual disc. 

Had to download a ton of plugins but SUCCESS. At least until I try to save.. .

Oh, man. Crazy week at work. Two managers had last minute family emergencies and I had to cover long hours for them with little notice. In one case, I was called at 1 in the morning and asked to come in at 6:30 the same morning, leaving me with three and a half hours of sleep. :O Luckily I have a two-day break from my more stressful job. I worked at the less stressful job (the shoe store) for an enjoyable four hours today and then went out for dinner with my mom and then got some Easter candy and DVDs at Target. I haven’t had American Easter candy in probably three years. Cadbury Eggs and chocolate bunnies galore!

I don’t have anything to do tomorrow until 4 besides going to the gym, so I’m downloading a Playstation emulator because I want to run through some old Final Fantasies before I’m studying and working for grad school all the time. ^___^ I’m going to do VIII first, of course, and then IX and maybe VII if I have time. I actually have all the discs so it shouldn’t be too hard to get the emulator up and running. It worked fine with my old computer. I’m just worried that something will happen and my data will get erased or it won’t let me continue when it’s time to insert the next disc. 


okay yeah you two fight that one out


your Beatles fan


okay Valerie likes de Burgh


cool a Baez fan


some Canadian band representation with Rush


seems reasonable but they might not like the “locked” bit


awesome some Uriah Heep


how can we not get the Led out?


Sharlene getting passionate

Dude, these are hilarious.


Janelle Monae covering David Bowie’s “Heroes”


yoshitomo nara