i cant believe blues clues finally got its own anime

oh my god

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Some interesting things I found while cleaning out my boxes in the basement. Lisa Frank bunny planner! Lisa Frank sea lion notebook from 1995! 2003 Sailor Moon calendar (no Tuxedo Mask, total ripoff.) POGS.

Please note the clear plastic and purple and pink sparkly holographic unicorn slammer, above the butterfly and yin yang pog. It was my most treasured belonging for quite some time.

I saved all of these things, by the way. They are still precious to me.

My stomach feels awful but, then again, I did eat most of a greasy barbecue chicken, bacon, cheese, and super-thick sourdough bread sandwich for lunch… 


Had like five dreams about not getting the apartment last night/this morning for various reasons that only make sense in a dream (“You used to live in Philly so you should just live there instead” “But my school is in New York!” “That’s not our problem”) but found out while I was eating lunch that… we got it! The lease has been signed, notarized, and overnight mailed to the realtor. Hope I filled everything out correctly! Overnight shipping is expensive.

Pretty sure I thought the president was Scrooge McDuck.

Hahaha. Some of these are true.

My parents have given me the task of cleaning out all of my papers from the basement. In addition to a box of school drawings and essays, there are like four more of stories I used to write. I used to want to be a writer and illustrator and filled up dozens of notebooks with my pictures and stories. I also wrote a lot of diaries. I just read an entry from the day of my brother’s birthday in 1998 in which I penned my envy for the Pokemon cards and Pokemon Red game he received as gifts. There are a lot of other things I found that are extremely embarrassing. Three words: Baby-Sitters Club fanfiction. I’ll leave it at that.


Anonymous asked:

You look lovely. It really is odd how quickly the 5 years have passed since I started following your adventures in Korea. Break a leg in NY. I look forward to your new chapter. -anon.


Thank you! I guess it has only been four years, though. I started writing over at Blogspot in August of 2010.


Anonymous asked:

Good luck with your apartment application. I hope you get it. :) Can't wait to start reading about your life in New York.


I don’t think I’ll be doing anything exciting in New York, other than studying and trying to find creative ways to eat for under 5 dollars a day, haha. 

Fingers crossed that I’ll hear back about it tomorrow and that it will be good news.


Anonymous asked:

you look like a woman now. i remember when you started this blog, you looked like a girl.


I was 22 when I started this and now I’m almost 27. :O :O :O

Bridal shower for a friend today. New dress, my favorite Gmarket necklace, shiny bow kitten heels, and the most delicious glitter cupcake in the world. #^__^#



Pokemon X Nanoblock - Gangar (Gengar)

Excuse me I need this

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The baby shower was a success!

We sent in the application for the apartment today and will hear back on Monday or Tuesday. I’ll probably be nervous about it all weekend… but I have other things to think about, like my sister’s baby shower! This is how I decorated my gift box for her. The little blue lambie is also a rattle. He’s so cute I just couldn’t put him inside a box. I bought her an adorable outfit from Janie and Jack that I don’t want to take out of its wrapping paper to photograph, so I will try to get a picture of it tomorrow. It involves suspenders. :D It will be nice to see my cousins as well. I have never even met my baby cousin! It doesn’t seem too long ago that my first cousin was born… but now he’s 11 (I think) and there are three more!