The Shoe Bakery makes cake and ice cream shaped shoes good enough to eat 


It’s a common adage that when something looks amazing, we feel like we could eat it up. But in the case of these shoes, we can’t tell if we’re astounded or hungry. If you love shoes, and cake, we’ve found the ideal footwear for you.

The Shoe Bakery is a shoe store in Orlando, Florida, founded by Chris Campbell, an artist who wanted to combine his love of shoe and sweet treats, and started designing shoes shaped like cakes and ice cream. The Shoe Bakery started life as an Etsy store, but the incredible popularity of his designs has meant The Shoe Bakery has opened up its own independent store.

Each amazing pair of shoes is handmade to order - and are so incredibly realistic that the site includes on its FAQ list a disclaimer that they definitely are not edible. Chris says that “in order to make it look like frosting, we use the same tools that bakers use such as the icing bags and tips.”





When the idol fanaticism, “oppar didn’t mean it”, and oppalogist mentalities become out of control and go way too far.  

(These are comments that were posted on a variety of different media sites publishing the Dispatch article on the photos that were released of the injuries of the victim, KHJ’s girlfriend. These are just the tip of the iceberg of these kinds of comments)

This made me feel so gross I wanted to scratch my skin off…what the fuck is happening with ya”’ KHJ fans?! No honestly…who didn’t love you enough??

Whats wrong with you to the point you see this and you see no wrong?!

This makes me so angry! What the fuck is wrong with people?

"Oppalogists" is an amazing word

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Anonymous asked:

Which restaurant did you go for that Korean meal?


Han Bat on west 35th. It was good.

Mmmmmm~ got kamjatang and gochujang pork with rice and tons of banchan for dinner. ♡♡Tasted just like in Korea.

My roommate just left to watch a four hour long documentary on communists so I am left with the task of making dinner, which he normally does. Extremely well. I’m worried that my food will be a huge failure compared to the stuff he makes. I have grand plans to make Filipino style chicken adobo. I am very paranoid that I will manage to undercook the chicken or give him food poisoning and he will miss his first day of work tomorrow. Also that I will miss my first day of my graduate assistantship tomorrow. Please pray for my chicken. 


Anonymous asked:

Are you settled in? How is everything?


I am somewhat settled in. I still have no furniture in my room except for an air mattress and there is nothing in my living room but two mismatched chairs but that doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. I’m feeling really comfortable in my area and getting used to taking the subway and finding my way around the city even though I still walk the wrong way 90 percent of the time. I don’t know how people managed to walk anywhere before Google Maps told them where to go. 


Anonymous asked:

So how do you like NY so far?


I’m loving it. I missed living in a city so much. So many things to do here!

Central Park pond.

Beautiful statue and lily pond donated to Central Park by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Got free tickets to the Guggenheim yesterday!

We really need to buy some furniture.

~~*memories*~~ Lol.