We really need to buy some furniture.

~~*memories*~~ Lol.


Anonymous asked:

who is your roommate?


I’m living with a guy I worked with the summer before I left for Korea.

NY Botanical Gardens, a few minutes away from my apartment.


Anonymous asked:

Good luck in NY. You'll love it. It's a fun city.


I’m loving it! So much to do… although I’m spending all day today at home because I did so much the past two days and need a break!

I am so glad I live with someone who loves to cook. Salads with homemade dressings, eggplant parmesan (since we got our oven hooked up yesterday) and coffee, toast, omelets, and fresh fruit yogurt waiting for me every morning when I get out of the shower… I am doing a lot of dishes in gratitude! 

I’m still alive!

Just got internet today. Still no furniture… or stove… or electricity in my bedroom. >:(

Car is packed up and ready to go! Everything fits, but just barely. Leaving home at 5 AM tomorrow. ETA in New York is 8:30, assuming traffic is agreeable.

This is happening! 

Bon voyage, Rilakkuma!

Clear files from Japan and Korea. Not. Even. Ashamed.


I was inspired by partyintherok to buy this dress for my baby giant cousins wedding. Also welcome back to the us of a where if you are 155cm and relatively thin you have to wear an xxs -_-

This is really funny because I was absentmindedly scrolling through my dashboard and just saw the picture without reading your name or anything and my first thought was “Ooooh who bought that dress? I want it.” LOL. 

Whenever I would buy t-shirts at the store I used to work at I would buy them in an extra small. I am definitely not an extra small. Vanity sizing in most stores in the US is a bit out of hand. On one hand, I appreciate the valiant efforts of the retail industry to convince me I still have the body of a model I had in high school (*catalog model.) On the other hand, I really could use some extra motivation to stop stuffing myself with french fries and ice cream which currently occupy the largest space in my food intake pyramid.